Plant Health Services
"Plant Health is our Passion"

Tree + Shrub

Our extensive tree and shrub program can be customized to your landscape, no matter how large or small.  We believe in integrating less harmful products whenever possible and taking preventative actions to limit pests and diseases, reducing the need for more frequent applications that may be harmful to the environment.

Our Services Include:

Tree and Shrub Fertilization
Fertilizing your plants in the spring will provide the nutrients your plants need for the upcoming year by building root mass and making the plant cells stronger.

Dormant Oil Applications
Certian insects lay eggs that overwinter and hatch in the spring.  Spraying dormant oil during the winter months will help reduce the insect populations, providing a more environmentally freindly remedy than several insecticide applications.  Once insect thresholds are reached during the summer, insecticides will be necessary.

Bed Pre-emergents
Pre-emergent herbicides are used to minimize weed seed germinination.  This provides an inexpensive solution to spending your summer pulling weeds.

Borer Prevention
This preventative measure helps guard your trees from insects that tunnel underneath the bark of your trees and shrubs, inhibiting their ability to transfer water and nutrients.

Shothole Disease Prevention
We treat laurels and cherry trees to prevent a disease called shothole.  Shothole disease creates holes throughout the foliage, resulting in and unsightly appearance.

Fungicide Applications
Fungi like powdery mildew can be a problem for certain plants, and preventative measures like fungicides can be taken to control these diseases.

Insecticide Applications
A variety of pests attack landscape plants.  With regular plant inspections and scouting for insect thresholds, we minimize the unnecessary application of insecticides.

Deep Root Fertilizer Injections
This is an effective method of delivering nutrients to your plant’s root zone.   We apply fertilizers, micronutrients and insecticides below the soil to minimize the potential for nutrient runoff.  This helps to maximize the amount taken in by the plant.


Direct Trunk Injections
We are able to inject fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides and other products directly into the trunks of trees to control pests.  Some pests, such as Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) are extremely important to guard against, and this method is extremely effective in doing so.  This method eliminates waste and gets the products needed in the tree without affecting other plants in the landscape.